Tuesday, 23 April 2013

University Graduate Commits Suicide

House of the deceased
 A Madonna University graduate committed suicide in his family house after stabbing himself severally with a knife.

Chidike Oyeka 25, has just rounded up his NYSC, when he started showing symptoms of depression, which involves being moody, gloomy face,and wanting to be left alone.

When quizzed about his sudden mood, his answer is often short and direct; he is unhappy because he is still unemployed.

Chidike had his NYSC in Delta State and passed out February, and since then he has being in the search for a job, a situation that obviously he couldn't handled thus making him depressed. When his symptoms became too much to handle, his parents decided to take him to the hospital. After running couple of tests, they gave him a clean bill of health as nothing was found to be wrong with him.

His parents woke up that fateful morning to see their first son in the pool of his own blood and the knife soaked in blood, and his intestines were on the floor as well. The case was reported at the Aguda police station.

He will be buried on Thursday and may his soul rest in peace.

This is so pathetic, and i really don't want to think that it was just the case of unemployment. Some people have stayed 10 years if not more without getting a job, but they didn't resolve to suicide. 

Please youths, whenever the thought of suicide comes to your mind, try to remember your loved ones, the people that will be in pain after your demise. There is more to life than a white collar job, think of what you can do to make ends meet before the job comes.