Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Ooops...Mirranda Kerr Bares Her Breasts In Modelling Shoot

                                         Keeping covered up: Miranda poses up on the shoot in barely there black jumper which almost reveals everything...

Her professionalism and long years in the modelling industry didn't prepare the Victoria Secret model for what happened to her during a modelling shoot.

                                           Oops! Miranda shows everything as her top falls down during the shoot                                       

30 year old, mother of one decided to go without a bra for a windy shoot in Miami which resulted to her accidentally baring her breasts when a gust of wind made her gown to slip off her shoulders.

                                 Quick cover up: After years of showing off her cleavage for Victoria's Secret it is ironic that Miranda reveals all on a make-up shoot                                          

She quickly tried to cover up, but then the deed has already been done..well she is a model but i don't think her Hollywood hubby, Orlando Bloom would find it funny though...