Friday, 24 May 2013

Prostitutes Burn Awake In Delta State

                             jehovah witness building

It has been reported that some harlots at a popular Ezenei-cable point in Asaba, Delta state descended on some Jehovah witnesses who went to their bar to preach the gospel.

Eyewitness reported that the incident occurred on Tuesday and this is not the first time that Jehovah witnesses are paying them visit to share the word of God with them. However, luck was not on the side of four male witnesses on that fateful day.

The Jehovah witnesses has gone to the hotel without a female companion and in the middle of the preaching, a scantily clad prostitute identified as Chinasa raced out of her room with a bottle of stout and cigarette to drag one of the preachers with the intention of having sex with him.

The preacher struggled to free himself from the sex worker even after being dragged to the room. Arguments ensued between the sex worker and the preacher. His colleagues decided to save him, but the situation went out of hand, as the other prostitutes teamed up and seized their bags containing Awake and Watchtower magazines and allegedly set them ablaze.

It was reported that the prostitutes gave them serious beating and accused them of sleeping with them without paying for their services.

Hmm May God forgive them...