Monday, 3 June 2013

Angelina Jolie Makes First Appearance After Double Masectomy

Supportive: Angelina Jolie goes ahead with missing her aunt's funeral as she turns up to support Brad Pitt at the premiere of his movie World War Z in London on Sunday evening
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt
Brave Angelina Jolie made a first appearance after her preventative double masectomy while showing support to her partner at the movie premiere of his new movie,"World War Z", at the Leichester Square, London. " I am here for Brad, Am so proud of him".

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Closer than ever: Angelina recently stunned fans by revealing she has undergone a double mastectomy after being told she carries the BRCA1 cancer gene
You Are My Everything, they seems to say
Big cheers: The couple were met with rapturous applause as they made their way to the Empire cinema in Leicester Square
Here We Are
Together: The Salt actress lost her aunt Debbie Martin, 61, last week following a battle with breast cancer just a fortnight after undergoing her own operation

 Her fans were so excited to see their diva, well and strong;

'Our hero': The fans gathered around to give Angelina a warm welcome as she opened up about her recent surgery
Caring fans

United: Angelina grinned as Brad planted another big kiss on her cheek, showing off his delight at her being there
Aww..this is so sweet
Well so happy for them, and good to see her looking strong and healthy. Well done gurl...