Monday, 3 June 2013

Czech Mother Produce Country's First Quintuplets

Ms Kinova's birth went 'without complication' and she and her brood are in intensive care
Alexandra Kinova
23 year old lady, Alexandra Kinova has given birth to the country's first quintuplets without IVF. The 5 babies, comprising of 4 boys are a girl are doing well and doctors in attendance have reported that the babies have 95% chance of having a normal life, which is good.

Mrs Kinova already had one son and with the help of her older son, the quintuplets have being named-Daniel, Michael, Alex, Martin and the girl was named Terezka.

The chief doctor, Zybnek Stranak, said the delivery went smoothly without any complications.

Anticipation: Ms Kinova is attended by the hospital's surgeons during her Caesarean
Alex in anticipation of her delivery
The birth created a lot of attention;

Special delivery: The four boys are called Deniel, Michael, Alex and Martin and the girl is called Terezka

Five of a kind: The babies are the first naturally conceived quintuplets to be born in Prague
Babies being tenderly taken care of
Mother and babies have been placed in intensive care unit and being monitored by the nurses

Tender loving care: The quintuplets and their mother have been placed in an intensive care unit, although all are said to be doing well
The mother wasn't aware that she was carrying 5 babies until last month. However she was first told that she was carrying twins but in March she was told that she was actually pregnant with 4 children, then last month she discovered she was having quintuplets, this new piece of information moved her to tears.

Mrs Alexandra is ready to nurse all four babies just as she need with her first son which she breastfed for almost a year and half.

Happy for you dear, and we bless God for safe delivery...