Thursday, 25 July 2013

Onitsha The Dumping Ground

Onitsha which is one of the biggest and popular market in Nigeria and situated in Anambra State, has become the dumping ground for beggars, destitute and the likes. The Lagos State Government has taking it as an habit of dumping beggars under the Upper Iweka bridge.

This is actually the second time such is happening, 70 people comprising of beggars and homeless were at 3am dumped under the Upper Iweka bridge. According to them, they were arrested by the Lagos State Kick Against Indiscipline Officials (KAI). They were detained for many months by the officers for begging, wandering and other minor offences.

Some of the victims said they didn't know why they should be dumped here as they do not have family members here, rather their families are in Lagos.

The big question is why Onitsha? As this is the second time this year such is happening.