Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Transgender Teenagers In Love

Young and in love: Transgender teens Arin Andrews, 17, seen posing for a picture with sweetheart Katie Hill, 19, at the Oologah Lake in Tulsa, Oklahoma
Arin Andrews and Katie Hill
From the picture above, one could see two happy teenagers in love posing in their bikinis and having a swell time. However, 2 years ago their story was different.

Arin Andrews 17, was as at 2years ago, a girl named Emerald while Katie Hill 19, was a boy called Luke. They are both from Tulsa Oklahoma and they both had surgeries to change their gender.

Arin as Emerald @aged 5
Changed lives: Emerald Andrews, before she became Arin, at the age of five in Tulsa, Oklahoma (left) and Luke Hill (right), before he became Katie, aged seven
Katie as Luke @aged 7

Katie was able to have the surgery done over a year ago after an anonymous donor donated $35,000 after reading her story in a local newspaper, while Arin successfully had his operation in June.

Living life to the fullest: The teenage couple have been bullied and lost friends but have been able to support each other through their gender treatment

The lovebirds met 2 years ago at a support group for transgender teenagers and became inseparable and encouraging each other through their shared experiences. In the future, Arin will consider going for genital surgery as it could be complicated if carried out now.

Young romance: The couple have been together for two years

Wonders will never cease...may God help us all...