Friday, 23 August 2013

Kim's Daughter Photo Revealed And How The KimKay Love Started

After much anticipation on when Kim Kardashian would reveal her baby's photo, baby North West photo was revealed on her grandma's show, Kris Jenner Show.  The chubby baby who was born on June 15, was unveiled on matriarch Kris Jenner's chat show on Friday during the rapper's highly publicized appearance.

First picture: After weeks of anticipation, Kanye West shared a snap of his daughter North on Kris Jenner's chat show on Friday
Baby North West
During an interview with the excited grandmother, the proud new father, 36, shared the photo with the audience and millions of viewers across America. Kanye prays his daughter will look like her mum when she is older and hopes to give his daughter the chance of doing what she loves best and not imposing anything on her
 'I am going to give her the opportunity to develop her different skill sets and then decide what she is the best at,' he explained.  
'And we will give her the support and let her follow what she loves the most.'
Cracking jokes: Kanye joked that he was so keen to date Kim that he considered switching careers to become a sports star after she had dated Reggie Bush and Kris Humphries
Kanye West with Kris Jenner 
Also in the show, Kanye revealed his mad crush he had on his baby mama before they became an item. He first laid eyes on her in a photograph alongside Paris Hilton, after which he resolved that he is going to be a friend to the curvy star.  And it wasn't too long before the rapper had completely fallen for the Keeping Up With The Kardashians favourite.

The picture that started it all: Kanye is said to have fallen for Kim when he first saw her in this photograph alongside Paris Hilton in 2006
The photograph that started it: Paris Hilton with Kim Kardashian
I always loved her: Kanye West has revealed how he loved Kim Kardashian long before the couple became an item last year
Lovely couple
It is assumed that Kanye really started having feelings for Kim during her relationship with Reggie Bush, the NFL star whom she dated on and off for 3 years. He talked about his obsession with Kim, that made him almost switched career as he felt Kim was more into guys that plays sports.

The waiting game: Kanye was said to be in love with Kim when she date Reggie Bush
Kim Kardashian with Reggie Bush
Kris also revealed in the show that all in the name of professing love for her daughter, Kanye would go as far as photoshopping himself into the Kardashian/Jenner family Christmas card.

Slotting himself in: Kris revealed that the Black Skinhead star would go so far as to Photoshop himself next to Kim in the annual Karadashian/Jenner family Christmas card to profess his love for her daughter
Slotting Himself In

In the video, Kanye revealed that he has always dreamed about being next to her;
'I just dreamed about being next to her. I keep saying it... I don't want to start jumping up and down on the couch or anything...' he said, to which Kris excitedly responded: 'Oh please! That would be so fabulous!'
Wow...such a heartfelt words for the love of your life..well done...wish them the very best...*smiles*