Saturday, 24 August 2013

Security Alert!!! Someone Wants Yvonne Nelson Dead!!

The Ghanaian actress posted a screen short message of a death treat on her Instalgram page. The message was sort of alerting her that someone want her dead and the person happens to be in the entertainment industry.

However, lots of folks and even her fans  have chosen to laugh over this as they feel it is a prank carried out by Yvonne herself. That no one knows. 

However, there is a saying that."There is no smoke without fire", as such i will appreciate that this is looked into, even though she has already alerted the police like she tweeted;

Come to think of it? Why would some one composed a death threat? I wonder what people take these celebs for? We heard of Tonto saying she felt like committing suicide, and people said she was lying and just wanted people to feel sorry for her just because they heard that she has been refused movie roles due to her attitude.

Please these celebs are normal people like us, Yvonne you have done well to alert the public and the police if the story is actually true.