Saturday, 24 August 2013

What Is The Big Deal If Kaffy's Husband Is 8 Years Her Junior?

Kaffy with hubby Joseph
News going round and in every blog, is that of Kaffy's husband and Psquare drummer, Joseph Ameh who posted a photo of his International passport on twitter that revealed that he was born May 28, 1988, thus making him 25 years old.

Now my question is what is the big deal? I thought they said age has no barrier? We see 25 years old babes marrying older men for love which people will conclude they did for money. Our own Kaffy is married to a guy she loves, yet people are saying she did that maybe out of desperation. #yuck#.

But come to think of it? Why did her hubby post that passport on twitter? What was his game plan? These are questions i think people should be asking Joseph and not making Kaffy feel embarrassed.

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Well haters, you guys have to chill as the dance queen is pregnant again for her hubby. Kaffy showed off her baby bump in a new photo;
Proudly Pregnant