Friday, 6 September 2013

Sexy Kate Upton Step Out With Mum

Ever wondered where this sexy lingerie model got her looks from? Then wonder no further, as she apparently took it from her mum.

Kate Upton, Shelley Upton
Kate with mum Selly
Kate was spotted with mum Selly, to celebrate her success after being crowned model of the year at the 10th Annual Style Awards on Wednesday, September 4. Kate also covers the September 's Elle and October's Vanity Fair magazine.

Kate mum, a former tennis pro must have passed down her competitive instincts to her daughter as Kate has once attributed her success to her mum when she told Vogue in 2012 that; 
"The Uptons are very competitive, i definitely got my competitive instincts from my mum"
That is good to know, parents especially mums definitely have a large role to play. Endeavour to support and encourage your child in any given path he/she chooses to follow.