Friday, 6 September 2013

Stella Damascus Engage In Battle Of Words With Senator Yerima

*Stella, Yerima
Stella Damascus (L) and Senator Yerima (R)
Nollywood actress Stella Damascus is one strong willed lady that stands for what she believes and doesn't care what the other party thinks. On the issue of child marriage, the beautiful actress clashed with Sen. Yerima on International News Network Al  Jazeera.

Senator Yerima pointed out that he saw nothing wrong about his actions, as his 4th wife who is 14year old reciprocates the feeling he has for her. However Stella wasn't ready to buy his absurd claims and quickly pointed out laws against child marriage.

Watching the video made me have much more respect for Stella. It is absolutely not easy to stand for what you believe in especially in Nigeria. Well done lady!!!