Thursday, 14 February 2013

Good News To Majid Michel's Fans...

Majid Michel
Gollywood actor Majid Michel is expected to star in the popular Tv Soap, Tinsel. This development can see the actor on the show from Tuesday Febraury 19.

He has already completed the filmimg of his scenes for the soap and according to him, he enjoyed himself to the fullest.

When asked while he took up the contract, His answer was practical;
"A long time ago, i realised that my acting is not only about myself, its an extension of many things that i hope for in our industry. So i made up my mind to extend myself to film projects that improve our movie making prospects within the continent. I believe that this can also inspire young actors coming behind me. Tinsel is a typical reflection of that. After all its one of the most successful soaps out of Nigeria".
 This is great, well Tinsel lovers, am sure you all are eager to see him right? can't wait also..*smiles*