Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentine Goes Sour...

Blade runner Oscar Pistorius
Blade runner, Oscar Pistorius 26 has been charged with murder after he accidentally shot dead his model girlfriend at his Pretoria home in South Africa at about 4am.

As they were; Reeva and Oscar
Apparently, Pretorius thought it was an intruder and as such had to fire shot only to discover that the dead intruder happens to be his model girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp 30. She was shot several times in the head, chest and arm. The couple has been dating only for two months.

Just yesterday, the excited girlfriend tweeted excitedly about her plans for Valentine's day. She said;

              Message: Reeva yesterday went on to Twitter to say how excited she was about Valentine's Day
Pretoria plice spokeswoman Denise  Beukes have confirmed he has been charged with murder and adding that they had been called on several occasions since 2011 to deal with allegations of a domestic nature.

Oscar covered his face as he leaves Boschkop Police station, Pretoria

This is so so speechless...*sad face*