Sunday, 10 November 2013

Have You Ever Being Heartbroken? Who Did You Turn To?

Where did I go wrong with love, cried Almira….

Almira, what’s wrong? Almiraaaaa…..can you hear me..Uhhh..Janie am not feeling so strong right now, can’t talk but I just poured my heart in the letter beside my bed, uhm..maybe you can advise me on what to do and scold me if is wrong to love.

Ok let me read the letter, cos you are getting me pretty scared, answered Janie.

Janie read the letter titled Black Love;

                                       BLACK LOVE

“Why do the clouds darken and why do the grass grow when am so heart broken? How come I am the only one that feels love isn’t special when i am an emotional wreck?

At night I dream of your arms around me cos so far I don’t know what to do, but then I realise your love for me has been all a lie.

I now see my dreams as nightmares since I mean so little to you. You keep telling me that the love and you have for me and the feelings we share for each other is all that matters, but I don’t get the conviction, and the question is why?

Just can’t get you outta my mind cos your gaze is now my reflection, the reflections of sweet times shared with you.  You have everything of me but I have just little of you.

Even as we have parted ways, my heartbeat goes with you, but your lies and deceit is imprinted on my heart.

Have come to the conclusion that maybe love doesn’t exist and I have to be practical when I find myself in another relationship, that is only if I can be able to tolerate the next guy that ask me out for a date”.

Just me;

Waow…Almira, am so sorry I didn’t know you are heart broken and you have got it all wrong about the concept of love, and maybe you are looking for love in the wrong place.

You think so? Asked Almira. Yes I know so replied Janie….let me enlighten you about the word Love.

“Love isn’t black, Love is special, it makes you wanna do things you may not want to do. Love is meant to be shared and reciprocated.

When you are in love, nothing else counts, your partner is all you wanna talk about. His scent will forever linger around you. When he smiles, your hearts melts. If you are really in love, you won’t be in doubt and sometimes you need to use your head as well as listen to your heart.

Every woman sometimes gets the hint that something is wrong somewhere in their relationship but they choose not to work on it or talk about it as they feel it doesn’t count. At that point they are listening to their heart and not using their head and sometimes your heart needs more time to accept what your heart already know.

We don’t force ourselves to love a particular person, rather it just come upon us due to how special that person makes us feel. Mind you am not talking about the candlelight dinner, rose petals on the bed, dozens of flowers delivered to your office, surprises that will blow your mind. Rather am talking about how that person lets everyone know how important you are to him.

He seeks your opinion on things bothering him, he confides in you his worries and fears, he believes in you, listen to you talk, encourages you to aspire high. Proudly show you to his friends and associates as his better half and not just his girlfriend or his woman”.

So my dear Almira, truthfully your partner does he make you feel that special? Hmmm, sincerely Janie you just opened my eyes to reality…I won’t deprive myself of love just because I just broke up with one of the frog I have to kiss in order to meet my prince charming. LOL..Almira you are so funny and am glad to have brought you out of that dark shell, replied Janie.

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The people we pour out hearts to matter the most, as if we are not careful we will end up in the wrong place and everything will go worst.