Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Rapper Skales Ex Girlfriend Gets Even With Him

It is no news that rapper Skales and his girlfriend, Namibian beauty Kondja Aveii are no longer an item, however it seems this duo have a deep hatred for each other as they have taken it to the point of fighting on twitter which has even involved fans of the duo respectively.

Skales and ex Kondja
Following the harsh words exchanged by them, rapper Skales took things overboard by posting naked photos of his ex girlfriend using an unknown handle after telling her she will soon become popular. Rapper Skales of course denied being responsible, however it seems his ex is more intelligent than him as she has proven beyond reasonable doubt that Skales is responsible.


She posted the conversation shared online showing how Skales threatened to post the photos and also the conversation of where he later apologised for doing such.



Ladies better be careful., it has been said that it is not right for a girl to share such private stuffs with their partners as you don't know what they might do with it if peradventure they leave the relationship.