Sunday, 10 November 2013

The Beauty That Don’t Fade

Hia..Tonye, the make up is too heavy on you nau..haba? Please Boma, don’t start..i have to look good for this party. Yea that’s true but you are beautiful, all you need is a light makeup to enhance your beauty, replied Boma.

Boma, you keep saying am beautiful, yes I know if i do my makeup well I will look good. Hmm, that is not what am talking about answered Boma. Boma, please let me be, time is fast running out, and I need to perfect my makeup cos Peter said he doesn’t like seeing me without makeup.

Really? You mean Peter said that? So that means as soon as you wake up in the morning, you will quickly apply makeup or maybe you will be sleeping with makeup till you die? Come on girlfriend that is so demeaning to you, and don’t tell me you agreed with him?

Listen Boma, I know I don’t have that eye catching beauty like you, so don’t insult me, I believe my boyfriend knows what is good for me just as yours knows what is good for you. Ahh Tonye….it hasn’t come to that nau…do you know I love the way you talk? Even Brian my boyfriend commented on it also. I also admire your stubbornness and other qualities you have.

Waow…serious? And you think that makes a lady beautiful? Oh spare me that Boma.

My dear Tonye, let me tell you the little I know about beauty.

Every woman is beautiful in a unique way, inner beauty surpass the outer beauty. Beauty they say lies in the eyes of the beholder and another man’s meat is another’s poison.

You as a woman have to tell yourself that you are beautiful, love yourself the way you are and appreciate yourself before you give someone room to do so. Don’t give anyone the right to say you are not beautiful since such statement  makes you have a low self esteem.

Having a kind heart, loving spirit, being able to appreciate rather than envy your friend helps you to take everyone equal. Don’t allow anyone makes you feel inferior, thrive to be good in all areas and work on yourself cos most men don’t like women that don’t have something they can be known for.

When you work on yourself, you find yourself being confident of yourself and you can approach anyone and walk into any room with all eyes on you.

Makeup is good quite alright but it is not meant to overshadow your true self, rather to enhance your inner beauty.

So my darling Tonye, Peter is absolutely wrong when he implied that you must always have makeup on.

Hmm..Boma, to be frank when Peter said that, I felt bad but I had no choice because since I have being with peter, no guy has been asking me out, so I felt I should be contented with him and do as he says.

Oh yea, well I wouldn’t want to come in between you and peter replied Boma. Tonye quickly rush in to explain, No, that’s not what I meant, I Think I understand what you are saying and truthfully Peter has made me feel nothing but ugly and I think is high time I take a stand, after all when I was with Tamuno my ex, he said I look beautiful with just nude lip gloss and eyeliner.

You see? Exclaimed Boma…..that is what I am trying to tell you. You seem to have forgotten yourself ever since you have been with peter.

Every woman is beautiful in her own way and don’t let anyone makes you think you are ugly.*smiles*