Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Hmm...Hollywood Reality TV Show Won't Kill Us...

It seems hollywood celebs especially those in the reality tv show business are trying to outwit each other in who can broadcast what.

Snooki of "Snooki and JWOOW Show", followed Kourtney's footsteps of broadcasting live her delivery, however Snooki kinda outwit Kourtney because all was shown, it was more reality and less staging.


Am Pushing....It Hurts... He is
Baby's First welcome cry
Baby Lorenzo cleaned up and tagged
Momma and son moment
A Kiss for mama
Wow...this is huge but come to think of it? Snooki had on full make she had all the time in the world for that? Well maybe she had already done the makeup before her water broke or the contractions hit her...aint answering for her though...But then it still looked stage eventhough it is real.