Thursday, 31 January 2013

Lindsay Lohan Unveils Two New Tattoos

Lindsay Lohan
The troubled 26 year old Hollywood star unveiled a new tattoo, which is believed to be a triangular tattoo complete with script beneath it. The script reads ,"what dreams may come" on her upper right arm as she arrives Los Angeles court for her probation hearing on Wednesday.

Her second tattoo is a statement which reads,"I leave before being left, I decide". This was written in capital letters on her right hand beneath a red star.

Tattoo 1:"What dreams may come"
Tattoo 2: "I live before being left, I decide"

Both tattoos were has its own inspiration and origin. Her first tattoo is inspired by a play, Hamlet while the second inking is a quote made famous by fifties silver screen icon and fashion model, Brigitte Bardot.

It is well with this young lady...