Friday, 1 February 2013

Call It Ridiculous..She Calls It Moving On....

Liberty Ross
Guessing who she is? Well this sexy model is Liberty Ross whose estranged husband Rupert Sanders was involve in a scandal with Kristen Stewart.

Well this picture seems like her perfect revenge, letting her estrange hubby knows what he is missing, don't condemn the lady please,she is a model and was a model before she got married to her hubby, Besides, posing nude for a photoshoot is part of who they are.

Kirsten Stewart & Rupert Sanders
The 34 year old model and mother of two beautiful kids, just couldn't live with her husband's infedility with actress Kirsten. Although, she tried reconciling with the husband even went as far as attending counselling with her husband late last year.
When the going was good: Rupert Sanders & Riberty Ross
Well seems the mistrust when so deep that she felt the only way out is to divorce her husband and father of her kids.

Reasons for their divorce was cited as irreconcilable differences, however Liberty pentitioned for joint physical and legal custody of their children - 8 year old daughter, Skyla and 6 year old son Thompson.

Before The Scandal: Happy Family
So sad they had to divorce...well wish them well...i hope they come back again.*sad face*