Thursday, 31 January 2013

Pathetic: 3 Men Has Been Arrested For Gang Raping A 13 Year Old Girl

I just wonder what Nigeria is turning into, rape everywhere.

The Nigeria police force has apprehended a 3 men gang for gang raping a 13 year old girl and impregnating her in the process.

The girl (names withheld) happens to be a JSS student. She was invited to the house of one of the suspects, located at 19, Majaro Street, Mafoluk, Oshodi Lagos.

News of the girl's pregnancy came as a result of an illness that led to her parents taking her to the hospital only for them to find out that their daughter is pregnant.

The girl's parents quickly reported the case to the police. The 3 suspects namely, Achonam Emenuwa 32, Godwin Udoh 22, Emenike Orji 20 has since being arrested, and charged to Oshodi Magistrate court, however the case has been transfered to a family court as ordered from Oshodi Magistrate court.

The girl who is now 5 months pregnant narrated her ordeal to PM NEWS, stating that Achonam called her to his house to buy drinks for his visitors, who are the other two defendants. On getting to the room, they ordered her to strip naked and started fingering her private part. She said they also sucked her breasts before forcefully having sex with her one after the other. She was instructed not to tell anyone otherwise she will be killed by them.

Emenuwa who hails from from Imo State and a married man with five kids confessed to committing the crime because his wife is away in the village nursing his fifth child, and blaming the devil for his crime.

Emenike from Abia State and Godwin from Akwa Ibom also confessed that they had sex with the girl, however they were lured by Emenuwa to commit the shameful act.

The girl's father right now is confused on who is the actual father of the baby, meanwhile the suspects are pleading with him and promising to compensate him monetarily and also take care of the baby and his daughter.

Hmm this is rubbish and i just hope justice is carried out. 13 year old girl has now been turned into a soon to be mother. Why do we go about disturbing the devil and at the end we lay blames on him? Is that the new white lie among criminals? When ever a criminal is caught, he/she quickly blame the devil...Hmm and come to think of it, Emenuwa is blaming his wife absence for the crime...We need Justice.