Sunday, 30 June 2013

Fresh New Updates On BBA The Chase

Evicted: Both and Maria
Well so much have taken place in the house, Bolt from Sierra Leone and Maria from Namibia were evicted from the house.
Bolt obviously wasn't surprised as he has being found repeatedly to be on the eviction stand and have been saved twice by Melvin and Betty, however, luck ran on him as he wasn't privileged to be saved again.

Maria on the other hand didn't see it coming as she was swapped by Nando who had to save himself. Well no one can blame him, its a game and all housemates know that.

Housemates are still wondering what Africa saw in Natasha, because she seemed to be saved by Africa whenever she is put up for possible eviction. Well that is life for you..another man's meat is another man'' poison.

Well so far, 84 housemates have been evicted from the house leaving 20 behind who are hoping to come out the winner for this season of BBA.