Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Robert Pattinson Gets A New Girlfriend

After much stress in finding out who is the new girl in Robert's life after ending his relationship with Kirsten Stewalt, it has been revealed that the Twilight actor is dating Elvis Presley's grand daughter, Riley Keoug.

Riley Keoug
Robert Pattison

 Seems Robert loves brunette, and his new girlfriend is kinda Kirsten look alike. Although their relationship is still at an early stage, but the duo have always being seen together for awhile now.

Well this new relationship is going down well with Kirsten as she has once starred alongside Riley in the Runaways in 2010. well sorry sweetheart, you can't do anything about it rather than wish them well. 

Riley's mum, Lisa Marie Presley was once married to late Michael Jackson