Saturday, 6 July 2013

Give God Praise!!!

For once i really wanna take out time to encourage people that feels they were created to be the worst, mocked at, laughed at and are asking God questions.

Have you taken out time to asked yourself questions rather than directing the questions to God? In each of us is given a unique and wonderful talent, and it depends on when you discover yours and how well you make use of that wonderful and unique talent.

There are people that wished they even have the two legs you have so they can move around to look for that job you are calling nothing, While some have decided to tell themselves that they can make a formiddable impact in their society that will leave mouths agape.

So please, for once give God praise for everything cos he deserves the Highest praise. God forbid that in my generation my sweet Lord will raise stones to praise Him when i am created to praise Him for life.