Monday, 1 July 2013

Fresh New Updates On BBA The Chase

Nominations: Something old, Something new
House mates Up For Possible Eviction
Once again List of Nominees for possible eviction is out, while some names repeated itself, some house mates found themselves on the list for the first time.

Elikem from Ghana was opportune to save himself from the list being that he is head of house and swapped himself with Angelo from South Africa.

Melvin from Nigeria also head of house swapped Selly from Ghana with Hakeem from Zimbabwe. It is believed that Melvin has a secret likeness for Selly but haven't being able to come out to express himself, this was confirmed by Maria who was evicted from the house last week.

In all, 7 house mates are up for possible eviction this week are they are;

1. Hakeem from Zimbabwe
2.Cleo from Zambia
3.Nando from Tanzania
4.Pokello from Zimbabwe
5.Bimp from Ethiopia.
6.Fatima from Malawi
7.Angelo from South Africa

This is the first time, Angelo, Fatima, Bimp and Cleo would have their names featured on the list, and it seems the house mates are tired of having Natasha being saved by Africa, so possibly they want her to

Well Africans do vote to keep your preferred house mates in the house...