Saturday, 6 July 2013

Let The Groove Begins!!!!

Man of the hour: Jay-Z poses on the red carpet ahead of his big bash
The celebrant, Jay Z
Well who says the the rich don't party hard? Hollywood power couple, Jay Z and Beyonce decided to forget all and have fun., something they haven't really done for awhile.
Let's groove B! Jay-Z and Beyonce were seen dancing up a storm at the rapper's album release party in Brooklyn, New York, on Wednesday night
Beyonce and Jay Z
The party was in honour of Jay Z new album, "Magna Carla Holy Grail". Jay z's wife, Beyonce and their daughter, Blue Ivy where there to show support to their hubby and daddy. The party took place in a warehouse in Brooklyn, New York.

Party time: The couple were seen sipping on a drink that appeared to be cognac and ice

Their dance steps were so cool unlike their usual choreographed steps usually seen in their music videos. Well done to them!!!