Tuesday, 7 May 2013

A Young Naturalist At Heart...

Aidan Dwyer
Yesterday i wrote about a young Nigerian becoming a pilot, and now this is about a young budding scientist if i am to call him that.

Very soon, we will be enlightened from what Aidan Dwyer is trying to achieved. Aidan was 13 in 2011 when he took a very thorough study of how nature works. He wondered about the process of photosynthesis, how trees flourish and needs sunlight to survive, and decided to liken it to that of humans, that we also need this wonderful sunlight.

Now what did Aidan do? He built a prototype "solar tree" and compared it against conventional flat-panel solar collectors and noticed that his tree design made 50% more electricity. wow..

He won award in 2011 in the Young Naturalist National Science Competition sponsored by the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. He was able to win this award after writing a paper explaining about tangled branches of trees which caught his attention during the winter, and how he noticed that the tree design avoided the problem of shade from other objects.

So far he hasn't stopped, he is still tweaking his designs to be able to accurately measure electrical power and current and so far he says his tree design continues to outperform flat-panels.

Presently, he has filled a provisional potent application to protect his research which has attracted international attention and which he says and believe could change the world.

Nice one Aidan...keep it up and all will be well with you..*smiles*