Friday, 10 May 2013

Female Fans Goes Gaga On Sight Of Prince Harry

Prince Harry 28, embarked on a 7 day visit to America, on arrival, he was recieved in a warm welcome by fist lady of USA, Michelle Obama and a bevy of beautiful ladies eager to have a snapshot of the famous prince.
Visit to the White House: Michelle Obama welcomed Prince Harry to her home after his arrival in the U.S.
MIchelle Obama with Prince Harry
He opened an exhibition on Washignton Capitol Hill, promoting the work of anti-landmine charity. Female staff were there to get a first glimpse of the prince.
Anticipation: Female staffers excitedly gathered on Capitol Hill for a glimpse of the British prince
Wow...Here He comes...
Women staff on Capitol Hill wait to catch a glimpse of Britain's Prince Harry as he tours an exhibit
Awww...i have his pics on my camera..yeey
Prince Harry
Prince Harry- I am here
Watching every move: The gaggle of young women (and a few men) were certainly more interested in the future king than the landmine mannequins
Ladies watch his every moves
 Hehehehe..a large applicants for the position of wife of the prince..maybe another prince when will you visit my home country so i too can come with my camera? *lmao*.