Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Eva Longoria Rocks The LBD

Well for those that don't know the full  meaning of LBD, am gonna help you, LBD stands for "Little Black Dress".

It is a must have for every chic, could serve as a valuable asset especially when preparing for an event and you do not know what to put on.

The LBD can be worn to fit in for any occassion, ranging from corporate event, social meeting or for a date, as the case maybe.

Rocking the LBD is very easy, all you have to worry about is your shoes, purse, and accessories. Remember, you are drawing attention to yourself for positive impaqct where you end up making a fashion statement leaving the next lady eager to rock her LBD if she has one.

Eva Longoria was spotted looking simple but with the chic look in her LBD. She didnt have to put on so many accessories, and her shoes also gave her a second look. Her smoky eyes where alluring and pale pink lipstick gave the 38 year old actress a sexy look.

Nice one dear!!