Tuesday, 7 May 2013

What Fashion Statement Are You Making

Every celeb or important personalities have the opportunity to create a fashion statement because they are on the limelight. 

It is important that one uses his/her popularity for good measures, influence your viewers, fans, followers positively so that they will be influenced by you.

A friend once said that she could judge the character of a guy from the club he supports. Hmm you may laugh it out but to an extent she maybe right and she knows why she is saying that.

The Duchess of Cambridge came into limelight from when it was revealed that she is dating Prince William up to the point of their marriage. And ever since then, ladies have tend to copy her dress sense and rush after what ever she step out in irrespective of the price.

The Duchess is known for her fashion statement which are modest but sexy and cool in a modest way.

Almost all celebs even in Hollywood now goes for the trendy clutch bag now. The Duchess loves the tiny clutch bag and can being seen with it whenever she steps out. Being that whatever, Kate Middleton touches turns to gold, most people and celebs now goes for it now.

 Handbag designer Lulu Guiness claimed that Kate love for tiny clutches has influenced the fashion world.

Kate Middleton
Lulu Guiness
 Some Hollywood celebs spotted with the clutch bag at the MET Ball;

Sienna Miller
Kirsten Durnst

Nollywood actresses have also being spotted with the clutch bag and they looked FAB;
Genevieve Nnaji

Rita Dominic

The clutch bag gives ladies little room for their essentials. That way, you try to minimize what you intend going out with. So what fashion statement are you making?