Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Justin Bieber Accepts Marriage Proposal From 8 Year Old Fan

Well seems there is a noble bone in Justin despite the different troubles that he ha been linked to recently. Justin Bieber broke the Make-A-Wish Foundation record by granting its 200th wish after spending time with a sick 8-year-old fan and accepting her marriage proposal.

Dream come true: Justin Bieber made a fan's dream come true by accepting her proposal, and rather sweetly turning the tables to get down on one knee himself
Dream come true for Rafanan as Justin accepts her marriage proposal
He met Atlanta born Annalysha Brown-Rafanan, who is suffering from a life threatening liver condition, over the weekend in conjunction with the charity. Rafanan was greeted on Christmas Day 2012 with the news that she would get to meet Bieber and attend his concert in Atlanta on August 10, so it's been a long time coming.

Her moment: Bieber was chuffed to bits to deliver this happy moment sweet
Rafanan's mum said Justin makes her daughter happy despite her being sick and she is grateful that Justin honoured her daughter's wish. Concerning this incidence, Justin tweeted to "Make-A-Wish-Foundation;'
"Honored yesterday. one of the best moments ive ever had. thank u. looking forward to doing more together. thanks.'
Doing some good: Bieber's not been making many right moves lately, but this is a belter
Happy moment for Rofanan
This is so touching and am glad that this little girl's wish was granted. A big thank you to Make-A-Wish-Foundation and also to Justin Bieber, for honouring Romanan's wish