Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Kim Kardashian Not Yet Ready To Be Seen Publicly

'Obsessed': Kim Kardashian, pictured here in December 2012, is reportedly refusing to step back into the limelight until she has reached her goal post-pregnancy weight
Kim Kardashian Before her pregnancy
The new mum, Kim Kardashian is not yet ready to be seen publicly as she is seriously working on shedding her post baby fat. Kim is still too self conscious to reveal her post baby weight despite the fact that she has been able to shed 30 pounds weight.

Sources close to Kim and Kanye has revealed that the mum is trying all her best to reached her desired weight of 115lbs, and as such she is still planning to lose 30 more pounds off her body frame. According to these sources, Kim is not happy with the way she is looking, and plans getting skinnier soon.

Working hard In order to get camera ready, Kim has reportedly enlisted the aid of a trainer who visits her at her mother Kris Jenner's home five times a week

A private trainer visit the reality TV star at her mum house 5 times a week and she hired a private chef to help her in preparing low-calorie dishes.

30 to go: Kim is pictured during the last days of her pregnancy in May 2013, left, and before she was pregnant with her first child in September last year, right

The camera loving Kim has posted just few photos on keek ever since her delivery and these photos shows only her face.

Face value: Kim has only shown her face to the world since giving birth, recently posting this Keek video online