Sunday, 11 August 2013

Meet The Lady That Ended The Relationship Between Justin And Selena?

Shocked: Milyn Jensen reveals that she hates being the girl who broke up Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez
Milyn Jensen
People have always wonder what caused the break up between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. The break up was rumoured to be as a result of infidelity on the part of Justin.

Introduced: Milyn met Justin through his friend, rapper Lil Twist, at a LA nightclub in December 2012
Justin and Lil Twist
Milyn Jensen 20, a former nursing student who was introduced to Justin by his rapper friend, Lil Twist, hooked up with Justin last year December, and it seems the duo had a fling. It is possible that the fling resulted to Selena breaking up with Justin.

bad Girl Club: The former nursing student was aked to star in Oxygen's racy reality series because of the tryst
Former Nursing Student Turned Reality TV Star
According to Milyn in a recent interview said, she was shocked when she heard that Justin and Selena's relationship has hit the rock, and hate being the girl to have caused that. Describing the incident, Milyn has this to say;
" Justin whisked her, her best friend and Twist off in his custom-design 4x4 to MacDonald's after meeting a nightclub in Los Angeles on the night of December 21.
After buying her 'some large fries' and 'two double cheeseburgers for himself', the 19-year old allegedly drove them to a marijuana store then back to his $4.5 million LA home. 
After a quick tour, Bieber allegedly took Jensen to the Beverly Hills Four Seasons hotel, where he had a luxury penthouse suite decked out with 'white roses' for their arrival".

He offered me a drink... I'd only taken two sips before we started messing around,' Mimi said. 'Suddenly we were kissing and I started to take off my clothes, it was a natural thing".
However this event made her popular, despite the hate from fans of Selena and Justin and even her own 14 year old niece who apparently loves the couple.

Following the incident and the popularity she has gained, Milyn dropped out of nursing school to switch to reality TV, and she is currently focusing on her reality TV career as the new star of "Bad Girls Club: Miami". However Milyn is a fan of Selena and loves it when people say she looks like her.

Split: One night with Milyn ended Justin's relationship with Selena, pictured her a few months before the infidelity at a LA Lakers game
One night with Milyn ended Justin's relationship with Selena

Hmm, so interesting....but does she have to leave her Nursing career just because of that? I do hope she doesn't regret it and just maybe Nursing wasn't her thing...