Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Legendary Beverly Osu

Beverly Osu
One of the Nigerian representative for the ongoing BBA The Chase, Beverly Osu has in her own way made a mark in the  Big Brother Africa game as she is the only house mate that never came up for eviction since the history of BBA.

Beverly entered the game with the sole aim of winning the grand prize like every other house mates, Initially she was a bit shy, but then i guess she was trying to study every one to know their weak points. Some house mates didn't see her as a strong contender, maybe because she wasn't as pretty as Dillish or sexy as Chloe.

Viewers kinda liked her at the initial start of the game, and later towards the end of the chase, the love they had for her began to drop when they found out she was messing around with Angelo, the South African rep. Yet, house mates didn't use that against her to put her up for eviction.

Viewers also felt she was never truthful as she kept on feeding her fellow house mates with lies, and people were feeling sorry for the mum, however, her very good friend Charity Owoh came out to say that Beverly's mum is proud of her daughter. 

"Bev and her mum are best friends. Her mum just called me now, she's our best friend. She's like the third person in our circle because whatever we do we tell her. If you watch the show you will see that there are three people she calls every time, Charity, Denrele, and mummy Suzy. Their relationship is very tight. Before Bev dates anybody, she tells her mom. (About Bev and Angelo's relationship/sex) She knows. She has seen everything. There's the good and bad, of course she's a mother so she would feel the way mother's would feel but she's very proud of her daughter and says she's a queen. She's already redecorating her room, so she would welcome her back like any mother would.

Now the big question is? Will Beverly win the moola? This is a question no one can say until the final showdown.

Three house mates are up for possible eviction;
Dillish from Namibia
Angelo from South Africa
Bimp from Ethiopia