Sunday, 11 August 2013

The Lady Who Got Married With 80 Bridesmaids

Love: The 80 bridesmaids (and a couple of page boys) form the shape of a heart for the wedding of Katie Dalby and Norman Gooch
The 80 Bridesmaids and couple of page boys form the shape of love
Every dream of a bride is to have a superb wedding ceremony and if possible make a statement and create memories that they will live to remember and also create impressions their guests will never forget in a hurry.

All together: Katie Dalby, pictured centre with her new husband Norman Gooch, didn't want any of her class to miss out on her special day
All together
26 year old Dance teacher, Katie Dalby was faced with the normal agony most intending brides face in the quest for who to use as bridesmaids. Being a teacher and someone to love her students couldn't just picked some students and leave the rest, rather she made the choice of using all her students.

Katie Dalby married fireman Norman Gooch with 80 bridesmaids in tow
Katie Dalby 26 weds Norman Gooch 37
74 Students from her school, Katie's Boogie Shoes Academy, 3 sisters-in-law, a niece, a cousin and her best friend made up the 80 bridesmaids and were aged 2-17.

Helping hands: The photographer had a job making sure the bridesmaids were included fully
What a day
Catch: Some of the bridesmaids might have had a few years to wait yet if they managed to grab the bouquet
Catch the bouquet if you can
Its so cute...this will forever leave a lasting memory in their lives, and it was really great for her to have her pupils partake in her wedding. Tentaccious is wishing them a happy married life.*smiles*