Thursday, 15 August 2013

Kris Jenner Will Not Kill Us!!!

Ever since the début of her show, Kris Jenner has being trying to do all she can so she can have high ratings and also for the show to record huge success.

Who's show is this: The middle Kardashian daughter enjoyed another guest hosting stint on her mother's talk show while looking dazzling in a plunging black dress
Khloe Odom with mum Kris Jenner
Some how it seems is only Khloe that have been chanced to be together with her mum on the show often and this time around, Khloe found herself in a situation where she have to fight her mum in a mother-daughter match.

Heavy weights: Khloe Kardashian got a chance to duke it out in the ring with her mother Kris Jenner and in a not too comfy pair of inflatable Sumo wrestler suits
Khloe ( red) with mum Kris Jenner (blue)

Mrs Lamar Odom was quick to alert her fans to tune in to the show via her page.
She wrote: 'HEY my sassitassss!! So excited to share that I’m going to be co-hosting on my mom’s show AGAIN!!

'You ain’t done with me just yet MAMA!!! It’s always been a fantasy of mine to get into the wrestling ring with MISS Kris and now you get to see us duke it out. 
'PS… by wrestling I mean SUMO WRESTLING! Can’t wait for you to see who wins this match… I mean if you ask me it’s pretty OBVIOUS!!!'
The winner: Khloe threw herself on top of Kris and was named the victor in this mother-daughter match
Khloe came out victorious

And the winner is this is so funny lol...these ladies won't kill some one