Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Chinese New Born Baby Rescued Alive By Fire Fighters After Being Flushed Away

Wonders will never cease to end. Sometimes one wonders why some people go to such length to do things, however no one should judge people's actions until they have being giving fair hearing.

Firefighters in Eastern China rescued an abandone baby lodged in a sewage pipe. The discovery came after residents report the sound of a baby crying. Firefighters had to remove the pipe and take it to a nearby hospital where doctors carefully cut around it to rescue the baby boy inside.

The firefighters worked quickly to dismantle the pipe and rescue the trapped youngster, who was heard wailing
Firefighter work to cut out the pipe

There are many reports in Chinese media of babies being abandoned, often shortly after birth, making this incident distressing but a common occurence
Doctors investigate the pipe
Doctors carefully cut around the sewage pipe to rescue the baby boy inside
Doctors carefully cut open sewage pipe

Unbelievably, the baby survived the ordeal, which saw him having to be cut out of a pipe
Doctors cut round pipe
Harrowing: Firefighters work to free the unwanted baby from the pipe in Pujiang, Zhejiang Province, China
Baby found to be alive
The newborn baby was rescued by firefighters after being flushed down a toilet
Baby fight for survival
Nurses treat the baby, who was believed to be only a few days old when he was flushed away
Nurses treat baby who was believed to be only few days old
So far the baby is in a stable condition and the police are looking for his parents. Baby has being name Baby No. 59 from the number on his incubator.

God surely works in mysterious ways, and when He says YES, No one can no. The baby has been destined to live and God has proven himself strong once again.