Thursday, 30 May 2013

Ooops....What Kinda Wind Is This?

Almost all ladies have been face with a challenging situation involving the wind and your outfit. So many stuffs rush to your brain like adrenaline. You thinking of the embarrassment if your outfit decides to reveal what is hidden.

Gosh, you try all you can yo save yourself, and in the process you draw attention to yourself. I for one will quickly look for the next available option, which is to take shelter in a shop, even though am gonna do window shopping or climb the next available bike, even though the distance is short.

Now imagine the case of a pregnant woman with a short, light are definitely not thinking what am thinking. Now the pregnancy bump will do a little save my modesty justice by holding the gown for going up, however one can not be so sure.

Kim Kardashian's modesty got threatened by the wind when she stepped out to go about her daily business, and it was a situation that was funny to her, as she seems to be laughing at herself.


Waow..i sincerely don't want to be in this quirky situation....