Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Fake Psy On The Loose!!!!

We are aware that just maybe we have a look alike somewhere, maybe in a different continent. People tend to ignore it until they find out you are now in the public eye. That is when duplicity comes into play.

Psy obviously have a look alike and this fake Psy is using the attention to his advantage. The fake Psy duped many celebrities during the recently held Cannes Film Festival, as the Real Psy was not in attendance.

Fake Psy-Dennis Carres
The real Psy

After pulling a scam at the Cannes Film Festival, fake Psy, Dennis Carres struck again at  Monaco Grand Pix where he was in attendance over the weekend while the real Psy performed in Italy on that same day.

Amanda Holden and David Hasselholf were among those tricked by the fake Psy. They took some snapshots with him and even went as far as uploading the photo on twitter. However Amanda wasn't sure if she was with the real Psy where as David was absolutely sure he was with the fake singer.

Duped: Amanda Holden posted a picture of herself with Psy lookalike Denis Carré at the Monaco Grand Prix
Not sure: Amanda with the fake Psy at Monaco Grand Pix
Amanda tweeted the above photo with an underlying message,"Not sure if this is this guy is kosher?! Rumours circulating he was a fake? What do you think?!"

That's not him! The Hoff appeared more certain that the man was in fact NOT the real Psy
Holf with his girlfriend Hayley Roberts pose with the fake Psy

Holf tweeted this photo with an underlying message that showed he was aware that it was the fake Psy that was in with him in the photo,"Was that really Psy? I think not!!"

The fake Psy sure has guts i must say..using his fake status to party with high celebs and enjoying the privileges and numerous benefits that would have been meant for the real Psy. 

Obviously this guy is keeping tab on the real Psy, how did he know that the real Psy won't be attending these two major events that he attended? How did he even get the invite?