Thursday, 30 May 2013

Fresh Updates On BBA The Chase

According to the theme of this year's season of BBA., The Chase, someone is obviously being chased after.

South African model, Koketso is the belle of the moment as she is being chased by three male housemates..hmm..fine gurl no be beans lol..

Zimbabwe gorgeous Hakeem, Uganda bad boy LK4 and Sierra Leone Bassey are all tripping for the South African damsel.
News: Koketso in the centre of it all
LK4, Koketso and Hakeem
In today's diary session, Bassey shares his hidden feelings for Koketso to Big Brother and also expressed his shock and the damsel behaviour, stating that'
"Koketso was classy when she got here and didn't even want to kiss anybody when we were playing the kissing game but now she sits with Hakeem on the couch with their legs locked around each other".
However, LK4 is okay with the way the damsel confides in him on how she feels about Hakeem. you see why i call LK4 the bad boy. Well as for poor Bassey, you sure can't know about ladies from that point. Ladies try to survey their new environment and look out for their target. Well for Koketso, you have to set priorities right and at the same time play the game well, don't be too trusting to a guy you are still yet to know as He might use it against you. However let the best man wins.