Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Fresh Updates On BBA The Chase

News: No Clothes Day
Following the launch of the 8th season of BBA The Chase on May 26th, a lot have started unfolding in the house. The housemates have been divided into two houses, The Diamond house and The Rubi house.

Seems there is more fun going on in the Ruby house for now and mind blowing games will be played if care is not taken.

Earlier today, the chasers in Ruby house bares their mind  as they gather in the kitchen in the earlier hours of the morning deliberating on how not to have a dull moment in the big brother house.

Open suggestions was done and Chloe the 21 year old lady from Zambia, came up with an outrageous idea, that they declare Thursday as "No Clothes Day", where by the housemates will go about their activities on that specific day without clothes on but are allowed to have their underwears on.

Chloe, The No Clothes Day Advocate
The suggestions got mixed reactions from the other housemates as majority especially the guys were not keen with the idea of having scantily clad ladies all over the house, even though at first they were shocked by the idea.

Well let's see if they will end up declaring Thursday as "No Clothes Day".