Thursday, 30 May 2013

Justin Bieber Faces Paternity Claim

Not again! Justin Bieber has been hit with yet another paternity claim as a woman has come forward claiming that the now 19-year-old is the father of her daughter
Justin Bieber
 19 year old Justin Bieber has being hit with a paternity case, as an unidentified 25 year old lady has come out to claim that the singer is the father of her daughter.

The lady has told Star magazine that she and Justin had a one night stand around four years ago when he was just 15 years old. She claimed that after one of his concerts in Miami, Florida, both of them met in TGI Friday's. The pair then headed back to his hotel room at Gansevoort South, where she claimed they slept together, nine months later, she gave birth to her daughter.

She decided not to come out ever since because she wanted to protect her daughter from the spotlight and sources have claimed that the little girl looks so much like Justin when he was her age.

This is not the first time, Justin has being hit with paternity claims. The first time was by a lady, Mariah Yeater who filed a false paerternity claim against Justin in 2011, accusing the singer of impregnating her after the two had sex backstage at one of his concerts. However, her case was thrown out of the court and the single mother quietly dismissed her paternity suit against the teenage singer.

Familiar story: Mariah Yeater filed a false paternity claim against Justin Bieber in 2011, accusing the singer of impregnating her after the two allegedly had sex backstage at one of his concerts
Mariah Yeater
 The withdrawing of her suit came after Justin said he was ready to take a DNA paternity test and he is sure going to sue her for her claims.

Well no one knows how true this new paternity claim is, guess investigations are going to be done.