Thursday, 30 May 2013

The Smiths At The Movie Premiere Of After Earth

A family affair: All the Smiths turned out to support Will and Jaden's new film Aftre Earth in New York on Wednesday evening
The Smith: Jaden, Willow, Will, Jada and Trey
The Smiths unite to show support to Will and Jaden's new film, After Earth at New York on Wednesday night. They all looked smashing and kinda complimented each other's outfit.

Will and son Jaden starred in the movie as father and son, and the movie is a survival story about a son who must rescue his father after they crash land on a futuristic earth. Jaden portrays Kitai Raige and Will portrays his on-screen father, Cypher Raige.

Chip off the old block: Jaden looked like the splitting image of his 44-year-old father, as both the Kirate Kid and the Fresh Prince Of Bell-Air stars donned complimentary suits
Father and Son: Will and Jaden

Left off the list? The only person not to get the suit memo was clearly the matriarch of the showbiz family, Jada Pinkett Smith, who wore a floral frock
Mother and Daughter: Jada and Willow
Also friends of families were they to show their support. Kylie Jenner who happens to be Jaden's special friend and rumoured girlfriend was in attendance.

Special support: Jaden's friend, and rumoured girlfriend, Kylie Jenner who wore a futuristic - no doubt inspired by the film - midriff bearing top and jagged high low skirt
Kylie Jenner
Justin Bieber was also in attendance but he didn't make out time to walk the carpet, rather was captured making a mad dash inside the venue.

Better late than never: Justin Bieber also attended the event to support his friend but ignored the carpet and made a mad dash inside the venue
Justin Bieber makes a dash into the venue

After which he also sped off the same way he came in.

And again: The singer left the same way he came in - at speed
Sped off the same way he came in

Congrats to the smiths!!!