Friday, 31 May 2013

Ethan Hawke Reveals That Angelina Jolie Was Born To Make Men Weak

Now i can safely concur to that, as the Hollywood diva is so sexy in all ramications, she makes action movies interesting and looks so hot when she is handling a gun. Her romantic scenes are something else.

Ethan Hawke 42, who happens to be Angie co-star and rumoured life in lover has revealed on "Bravo Watch What Happens", that Angelina Jolie was his best kiss. "She makes you forget your name". be small tin o chai..

Sexy memories: Ethan Hawke revealed on Bravo's Watch What Happens Next that Angelina Jolie was his best kiss, 'She makes you forget your name'
Ehan Hawke

The duo featured in the 2004 thriller,"Taking Lives" where they shared a passionate on-screen clinch. It was rumoured as at then that to be having an off-screen romance that was as hot as their fictional sex scenes.

Hot couple: Angelina and Ethan shared a passionate on-screen clinch in the 2004 thriller Taking Lives
Ethan and Angelina from the 2004 thriller, Taking Lives

Well you have heard it directly from the horse's mouth...