Friday, 31 May 2013

Lynnnx Has Been Sued, N 10 Million For Assault And Battery

Lynnxxx is facing Assault charges due to a case filed by one Mr. Richard Bennet, a UK based Nigerian business man. Lynnxxx is currently facing litigation at the Igbosere Magistrate court for alledgly beating up Mr. Bennet.

Mr. Bennet reported that Lynnxx whose real names are , Chukie Edozie assaulted him after he (Bennet) mistakenly spill his drink on a lady while strolling around the club. The lady in questioned slapped him and emptied the contents of her glass cup on him.
"Edozie, on learning what had happened, grabbed me by the lapel and later broke bottles and threatened to kill me if i do not apologised to the lady who i learnt was his relation".
Bennet is said to owned two bars in Nigeria and UK and actually came to the bar where the incidence has occurred in order to relax with his nephews. He also claimed that Lynnxxx and his remained at the gate even after the club was closed due to the incident.
"They waited at the gate and later regrouped, forced themselves back to the bar to brutally assault him with several blows to my head and body".
 However Lynnxxx management released an official statement concerning the incident, which took place at N-Tyce nite club, March 8, 2013
Please disregard this false accusations against Lynxxx as this is an attempt to blackmail and tarnish his Brand image. 
This is not the only attempt this people have made as they have made all sorts of allegations to the police aswell of which the police has disregarded due to lack of. Evidence or reason and stories that don’t match.
The incident was withnessed by alot of people including Uti, Gideon, Segun Demuren of EME and dozens more. They where all livid at the situation and repeatedly asked for the guy to come outside and apologise and he was being hidden and shielded inside the club by the owner.
Eventually he was confronted inside the club and was guarded by bouncers who pushed people and scuffled to try. And sneak him
out. Lynxxx never layed a finger on this man and neither did any one in his camp.

This is just a cheap attempt to target lynxxx and his image and shall be dealt with as the police are ontop of The matter.
Please disregard such lies and false posts as if such an incident occurred, it wouldn’t take a week to get out. All allegations are simply made up too stir up bad press against Lynxxx who only stood up for what was wrong.
 Also, the punch reported recently,
A copy of the medical report from the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Ikeja where the claimant was admitted said, “he was seriously beaten up by a group of people, and was hit with iron rod in the head, with severe pain and bruises over his body.’’
The counsel for the claimant, Mrs. Tina Wils-Ubong, of the Festus Keyamo Chambers, however said Edozie had been served papers inviting him to answer to the offence, which he refused to accept or acknowledge.
She said the Keyamo Chambers was still making efforts to serve the defendant papers.
Wils-Ubong informed the court of the Chambers intention to file an ex parte.
The magistrate, Mrs. A.F Botoku, however, said it might not be necessary as the court had written the state Citizen’s Mediation Centre, where the matter could be resolved between the two men; and if this failed, it would be returned to the court.
None of the parties to the matter was in court, except the counsel for the claimant.
The matter was adjourned till July 2.
 Well for now we leave everything to the court and suitable evidences to clear whoever is innocent and reprimand who ever is guilty.